Pujya Gurudev’s Bhagawad Geeta Talks on TV

If Bhagawad Geeta had to take a human form and speak to us, it would probably 
look like Swami Chinmayananda! Pujya Gurudev’s discourses on the Geeta, his 
succinct expressions, signature oratory, unique sense of humour, in-depth 
knowledge, authentic interpretations, unparalleled logic and practical approach 
made Him one of the greatest teachers of the Bhagawad Geeta ever. 
Experts consider Pujya Gurudev’s Holy Geeta to be one of the most practical and 
by far an authority for study of Bhagawad Geeta. 
One of the most befitting tributes we can offer to Him is to take this knowledge to 
reach every room in every home! And thus, Chinmaya Mission Mumbai has very 
loving undertaken the task of ensuring telecast of Pujya Gurudev’ s Talks on the 
Bhagawad Geeta on TV. 
Right now, it is telecast on Bhakti Sagar TV & Sri Sankara TV.