Intro to 42 Chinmaya sadhanas

Welcome to #42ChinmayaSadhanas.  42 Sadhanas for 42 weeks to commemorate 42 years of Sadhana & Service by Swami Chinmayananda.  In HIS Birth Centenary Year, join us in offering a Sadhana Tribute to Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda who dedicated His life for us and urged us to do sadhana & life ourselves by ourselves. 

We will be taking up 42 Sadhanas for 42 weeks.  One Sadhana per week.  These will not be very time consuming. They are simple to do and yet they will go a long way to integrate our personality.  

Each week we will be doing a sadhana for one level of the four levels -Body / Mind / Intellect / Speech.  In a month we will cover all the four levels.   Wish you all success in your Sadhana.  Through our Sadhana may we tune-up to His Vision and State of Consciousness. Om Sri Chinmaya Satgurave Namaha.

Hari om. Love.
Swami Swatmananda