Maximise Happiness

Chinmaya Mission Mumbai has served millions of Individuals for more than 60 years. To continue this service to humanity we are organising a MAXIMISE HAPPINESS campaign to collect donations for various important causes as mentioned below. This year's Daan Utsav is being held in Adhik maas; a month where we can multiply our noble deeds, our love, our generosity and benefit ourselves much more. Let's make the most of this festival, celebrate the joy of giving and Maximise Happiness!

“Indiscriminate charity is not acceptable to the science of Vedanta. Every benefactor has the right, even the duty, to inquire into the righteousness of the cause he is trying to patronize. It is said that having come to judge a cause to be deserving, give it your entire patronage. Give in plenty; with both hands, give. Give with modesty.”
- HH Swami Chinmayananda


What causes are we serving specifically? Chinmaya Mission Mumbai has 3 key areas of service to provide holistic support to all sections of the society. These are:

  1. Medical Seva:

    As part our Medical Seva we have served and will serve via


    A team of doctors visits these areas and conducts camps for various issues like Women Healthcare, Eye Care, Dental Care, Cardiac Issues. We have conducted over 3857 cataract surgeries, many medical camps serving thousands of people. Through Maximise Happiness we will

    • Hold at least 10 such medical camps and provide healthcare to at least 1000 people.
    • Organize free diagnostic camps at our Chinmaya Diagnostic Centre in Chembur
    • Eye Camps, and cataract surgeries for the underprivileged
    • Preventive health check-ups in municipal schools for underprivileged students


    Each Medical Camp costs Rs 450000/- touching over 1200 adults and 300 kids – We propose to do 8-10 such medical camps annually. These camps include complete health check-ups for adults, treating a variety of ailments and also minor surgical procedures and hospitalisation if required. For the children there is also preventive health check-ups to help ensure that they are in good health and to identify early onset of any issues.

    We have done over 3857 cataract surgery – Cataract surgery camp done 30 times a year helps heal over 1500 patients annually and it includes the cost of the surgery, the lens and any post-operative care. Each Camp costs Rs 1 lakh.



    CM Mumbai has donated over Rs. 25 lakhs in addition to 1200 PPE kits, gloves, and masks to our healthcare workers at Sion Hospital, Rajawadi Hospital, Police officers at Sion & Matunga Police Stations, firefighters at Gamdevi Fire station for all the fire stations of Mumbai, among others. We will continue with renewed vigour to serve the front line workers during this pandemic by providing the necessary safety equipment and provide support in all manner possible.


  2. Educational and Social Seva:

    The various causes that are going to be covered under Educational and Social Seva are:

    • Annual Chinmaya Scholarships of up to 5 lakhs to students from the deserving section of society
    • Annadaan to orphanages and Girl care Centres at a cost of Rs 30000/- per orphanage
    • Providing monthly rations to over a 1000 families
      Approx. Cost of a month’s ration for 1 family of 4 =   800
      Approx. Cost of a month’s ration for a family of 2 =   610

    (Monthly Ration for 2 includes : TUVAR DAL 2kg, RICE 5kg SUGAR 1kg OIL 1ltr SALT 1kg ATTA 1kg TURMERIC 100gm CORIANDER 100gm RED CHILLY 100gm )

    (Monthly ration for 4 includes : TUVAR DAL 2kg, RICE 5kg SUGAR 1kg OIL 1ltr SALT 1kg ATTA 5kg TURMERIC 200gm CORIANDER 250gm RED CHILLY 100gm, WASHING SOAP 2 bars, LIQUID SOAP, TEA 250 gms, 2 CARRY HOME BAGS)


  3. Mental, Spiritual and Cultural Seva:

    The various causes that are going to be covered under Mental, Cultural, and Spiritual Seva are :

    • Conducting the Gita Chanting competition FREE OF COST to reach around 25000 participants across the city
    • Organizing Mental transformation and Drug awareness workshops in Schools, Colleges FREE OF COST
    • Spreading cultural awareness through Chinmaya Pradeep
    • Developing mental fortitude and igniting patriotic fervour through weekly classes, camps, festival celebrations, discussion groups, etc.
    • Organizing 40-50 FREE Lecture Series in a year and Corporate Workshops to enable the use of spiritual principles to empower oneself Physically, Mentally, Intellectually, and Spiritually based on the Bhagawad Gita and other Vedantic Texts




    As Swami Chinmayananda said, “Giving is the true enjoyment of wealth” and what better way to give than to such an urgent and noble cause. So, please donate generously, and share this campaign with Maximum people to Maximise Happiness!

    Please donate generously and share this campaign with your family and friends to raise maximum funds. Donations made to Chinmaya Seva Trust, Mumbai are eligible for Tax Exemption under Section 80G

    All Donors who donate above Rs 10000/- will get a prasad :

    •   10,000 - Storm to Perform book by Pujya Swami Swaroopanandaji
    •   50,000 - 3 personalised online meditation sessions with Pujya Swami Swatmanandaji
    •   1,00,000 - Latest book of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji - Ek Soch along with 3 personalised online meditation sessions with Pujya Swami Swatmanandaji


    Donors of wealth secure high renown, which is not acquired by mere accumulation of wealth.  The clouds which give water are high up in the sky while the lake accumulating water is at the ground level.  - A Subhashita from Indian Scriptural Heritage

About the Maximize Happiness Campaign
“Maximum Happiness for Maximum People For Maximum Time” is the motto of Chinmaya Mission. This has been the driving force behind the countless programs the Mission has undertaken in the past and continues to undertake in the future! In these COVID times, there is a definite need to address the well-being of every section of the society at all levels and Chinmaya Mission Mumbai has been reaching out to the society through various measures. In order to support and further increase the scope and reach of these initiatives, a crowdfunding campaign titled “Maximise Happiness” has been initiated by Chinmaya Mission Mumbai.

Medical Seva

Educational And Social Seva

Mental, Cultural and Spiritual Seva

All of the above seva

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