Sadhana for Week 16

Intellect Level: Chinmaya Quotes

Read atleast 10 Quotes of Poojya Gurudev & post one or two on facebook/whatsapp or any social media daily.


Out of purity and silence come the words of power. 

Lives of great men, their deeds and words always stimulate and ennoble our mental life.


Poojya Gurudev had just held a Jnana Yagna of few days and was about to board a train. One of the devotees had missed the entire talk and had not been able to attend a single day. Now as a desperate measure to hear even a few words from Poojya Gurudev he reached the train station just as the train was about to leave. He requested Poojya Gurudev to give summary of his talks. As the train was pulling out Poojya Gurudev said, “Attach & Detach! Ask details to the Brahmachari”. The Brahmachari explained to the devotee that in his talks Poojya Gurudev had explained that we must get Attached to the Higher if we have to Detach from the Lower! That’s the only way because the mind cannot detach and remain in a vacuum. It needs something to hold on to. 

The whole path of Sadhana was summarized by Poojya Gurudev in just these three words – Attach & Detach.  This is the power of clarity and expression. 

Poojya Gurudev’s Quotes

Quotes are statements that are inspiring & contain a powerful thought that convey a deep meaning, leaving an impression in our minds long after reading or listening to them.

We all speak, but our words do not have the kind of power and impact as compared to some other people. Why is this so? Those who speak from experience, from a strong and deep conviction, who are selfless and are compassionate – their words touch our hearts, have the power to change our lives!

“Out of purity and silence come the words of power.”

Every quote of Poojya Gurudev is a rare jewel. To the uninitiated they are words of wisdom, to the seeker they are all pointers to the Truth. The true import and depth can only be understood when we follow them and put them into practice in our day-to-day lives.

“Your words will have no effect unless you are able to live it.”

True to his personality Poojya Gurudev’s quotes are funny, serious, harsh, gentle, an admonishment, a healing, a warning, an endearment – if we understand and contemplate on even one of them, we will transform, we will evolve!

Watch the videos of Poojya Gurudev on two of his quotes –

Shut up & Get out –  https://youtu.be/0B2MiWNBsyQ

They are in me, Im not in them - https://youtu.be/AuNW37r5YPA

How to?

1.    Pujya Gurudev’s quotes are available in various forms. i.e calendars, posters, books, specific books for quotes like – Chinmaya Uvacha, Evergreen Messages, Golden Sayings etc.

2.    Read 10 quotes of Poojya Gurudev daily.

3.    Choose one or two of them and spend a few minutes absorbing what the quotes say.

4.    Reflect on the quotes. Observe yourself as you are and what the quote says.

5.    Try to bridge the gap by implementing in your day-to-day life.

6.    Post your favorite ones on whatsapp or facebook.

7.    Put up the chosen quote of the day on your desk or on the refrigerator, or on the wall paper of your computer / cell phone or a place where you will see it a number of times in a day.


Why on Social media?

1.    Social media is one the fastest and easiest ways to reach out globally.

2.    Quotes are really powerful and catchy.  Even a non-spiritual or un-interested person may get inspired and it can benefit them.

3.    One of the best ways to reach spirituality to the youth, middle-aged people.

4.    Research has shown that morning time people share quotes, messages etc. and are most receptive to reading such messages as it helps them to begin the day on a positive note and stay inspired throughout the day. 


1.    Quotes are easy to remember and keep us focused on our vision & goal.

2.    They provide the Inspiration-boost for the intellect to bring out its best. 

3.    In difficult times, a quote can cheer us up and give us the necessary strength & courage to face the challenges of life.  It can even save the life of someone who is into depression and thinking of committing suicide. 

4.    A Quote opens up the vision of the Master to us, our way of thinking changes and our personality transforms. 

5.    Earlier days people used to memorize shlokas and mantras, think about them and implement in their life. Today we can do the same with the quotes. 

6.    It also enhances our capacity to express precisely what we want to say and say it in an impactful way

Beginners and Advanced:


1.    Follow the steps enumerated above in “How To”

Advanced seeker:

1.    Maintain a Personal Inspiration Book / File and note your favourite quotes in it.  Refer to it often and read the quotes as many times as you can in a week.  Slowly these will become your way of thinking and living.