Sadhana for Week 4

For the Intellect: Read 1-2 chapters of the book 'Ageless Guru' daily. Complete the book this week.
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Swamiji, How does feel like to be on the top? 

Swami Chinmayananda: “On the top you are alone.  When the sun is in the zenith, it is difficult to look at it.  The world will understand me 15-20 years after Im gone”

Masters cannot be comprehended by the intellect. They are deeper than that.  Yet, attempts to understand the Master’s life, gives us an insight into the Master’s vision. 

How to?

At a time that is convenient to you, read 1 or more chapters of the book daily, with the aim to finish the book within the week

The ideas given in the scriptures, though understood intellectually, seem impractical or difficult to follow. It remains as a theory at an intellectual level but not followed and hence not experienced.

Reading about the great masters, their evolution, how they lived and discovered fulfillment in the same world we live in, gives us an insight into how to put the knowledge into practice.

Ageless Guru is one such book that takes the reader through the life of Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, who went through an extra-ordinary transformation from

An Atheist to an Advaitin

A Political Revolutionary to a Spiritual Missionary

A Rational-Journalist to a Hindu-Nationalist

Passion to Compassion

An Individual to the Universal

B.K. Menon to Swami Chinmayananda – The Phenomenon.

How did he traverse this hard and difficult journey in such a short span, what changed his outlook, why did he persist, what inspired him, how did he remain cheerful despite all hardships, what did he think, feel, do…..?  Read and find out.


1. Gain Knowledge: Through this simple book we get to know Poojya Gurudev intimately. Admiration of his oratory skills, his characteristic humorous style give way to a deeper understanding of the person he was, his love, his compassion, and his selfless nature.

2. Develop Devotion: Admiration and love grows into deep devotion and from that is born faith. Faith in the existence of the Higher, in the Guru who can guide us, in the scriptures, which indicate the Higher, in oneself- that I too can walk and reach the goal.

3. Surrender the Ego: Where there is devotion, surrender is easy. The ego is dissolved and the mind is quietened. A still mind is a divine mind.

4· Serve the Society:  The more we know about Swami Chinmayananda’s life, vision and work, we are able to serve his noble cause through the Chinmaya Mission. The joy of selflessness and transcending ego is indescribable. One serves the society out of this vision of oneness and empowers lives of many, for generations to come. 

Beginners and Advanced:


1.     Read 1 to 2 chapters daily, read every word with full concentration. Not like a story book to be completed quickly. 

2.     Reflect on the incidents daily, try to feel what He felt by putting yourself in that situation, mentally. 

Advanced seekers:

1.     Introspect every night on the values communicated though the incidents.

2.     Take up a value and try to live it for an entire day.

3.     Observe how you feel.

4.     If you feel inspired by the glimpse and want to go deeper – please read – HE DID IT or Every Breath A Teaching.  (Available OFFLINE & ONLINE. Click here for He Did It & Here for At Every Breath A Teaching).  You can finish it at your pace. You need not complete reading this book within one week.