“Maximum Happiness for Maximum People For Maximum Time” is the motto of Chinmaya Mission.

This has been the driving force behind the countless programs the Mission has undertaken in the past and will continue to undertake in the future!

In these COVID times, there is a definite need to address the well-being of every section of the society at all levels and Chinmaya Mission, Mumbai has been reaching out to the society through various measures.

In order to support and further increase the scope and reach of these initiatives, a crowdfunding campaign titled “Maximise Happiness” was initiated.

Under this campaign, in the name of Chinmaya Vidyadaan, we are delighted to offer Educational scholarships to the needy and deserving students as Seva.

Some of the prerequisites towards availing of these scholarships are listed below:

The application form is put up on this website: Please click here to download.

It can be downloaded from there and filled and emailed as a soft or scan of the hardcopy with necessary documentation mentioned in the form to [email protected]

Preferred Areas from where we invite applications are listed below but not restricted to:

  • Schools where Chinmaya Mission has a presence in either Geeta chanting Competitions, TITI sessions and other activities,  Balavihar etc.
  • Individuals who are associated with Chinmaya Mission and need financial aid.
  • Deserving candidates known to Chinmaya Mission members and can vouch for their genuineness


A due diligence will be done by our volunteers to verify the authenticity of the applicant wherein their home will be visited and the economic condition ascertained. The applicant can be tested for knowledge up to what they have studied. 

Only those who are found eligible after the due diligence will be considered for the scholarship. 

A Criteria for selection shall be as follows:

  • The family’s economic condition must be such that they cannot afford the education fees.
  • Monthly income of combined members of the family should be less than 20000 for a family with 2 children.  
  • Only applicant who has a verified Adhaar card will be considered.  
  • A typical fee bracket may be between Rs.8000/- to Rs 12000 /-per student per year. 
  • For fees which are higher than this amount, applications can be sent and we may be able to offer partial scholarship for the selected student(s).


We shall be happy to provide scholarships to students from 5th to 10th and 11th and 12th standards. Plus 3 graduation years in college may also be considered.

Applications are invited and forms are enclosed.

The last date towards receipt of applications is 31st December 2020.Scholarships