• Maximise Happiness

    Chinmaya Mission Mumbai has served millions of Individuals for more than 60 years. To continue this service to humanity we are organising a MAXIMISE HAPPINESS campaign to collect donations for various important causes like Medical Seva, Educational and Social Seva, Menta/ Cultural and Spiritual Seva and use this opportunity to give back to the society .

  • Chinmaya Pradeep

    We seek your generous contribution for this project to illumine the life, vision & teachings of Swami Chinmayananda and serve the people.Appropriate visibility can be worked out for the major contributors.
  • iTransform Workshops

    Transforming Indians to Transform India Workshops on 7 levels of transformation along with FREE distribution of the TITI book to school and college students. Donations will also go towards the Chinmaya Transformation Scholarship for deserving students. Empower a student through 7 FREE workshops on 7 levels of inner transformation (details on www.transformingindians.org)
  • General Donation For Chinmaya Seva Trust

    The donation recieved under this category shall be used to meet the general and administrative expenses of Chinmaya Seva Trust.
  • Chinmaya Seva Trust Corpus Fund

    The donation given for this purpose shall be used for the developmental activities carried out by Chinmaya Seva Trust
  • Chinmaya Pradeep Yajman Seva / Sponsorship

    Chinmaya Pradeep is to empower the lives of Individuals with clarity, courage and confidence to face the challenges of life. We seek your generous support for Chinmaya Pradeep. It will be one of the best seva-s that one can do - Jnana Seva, as it transforms the Vision and Values in the individuals and the society.
  • Sponsorship for Supporting Geeta Chanting Competition

    The Geeta Chanting Competition is an effort by Chinmay Mission to spread the knowledge of Geeta.