Sadhana for Week 17

Body Level: Sleep

Sleep latest by 10.30pm daily & wake up by 6.30am.


Comfort comes as a guest,

Lingers to become host

And stays to ENSLAVE us.


The bright beginning made each day can become the early dawn of the day of achievement.


Poojya Gurudev woke up very early everyday.  He always said wake up like a ping-pong ball, spring out of bed and don’t drag yourself out of it. Never lie back on your bed and procrastinate getting out.

Sleep – why, how much and when

In the Geeta, one of the names of Arjuna is – Gudaakesha.  “Gudaakaa” means sleep and “Esha” means master. Gudaakesha – Arjun is the master of sleep. One who is very alert. One who has mastered sleep has mastered all of his/her senses.

Sleep is the state of natural rest and inaction. Like any other equipment or machine our body too needs periodic and adequate rest to recuperate to perform its functions efficiently.

If a machine is run and used continuously it will overheat and ultimately breakdown either all together at once or slowly one-by-one its parts will stop functioning. Our body too if pushed beyond its limit over extensive periods reacts the same way –it will ultimately stop functioning or get damaged.

Machines are rested to cool them down to bring them to their normal temperature and to use this time to replenish the lost oils or fluids or repair them so that once they are up and running they are able to perform their functions.

Sleep is the natural pause or rest period for our bodies. In this state the body automatically relaxes, repairs and rejuvenates.

However anything in excess even rest is not good. Equipment or machinery kept aside unused even for a few days will take time to restart and reach its optimal efficiency. If unused for a longer period of time it will rust and decay. Similarly excessive rest or long hours of sleep make the body lethargic and dull. It is a common experience that those who have slept more than10 hours wake up feeling groggy and tired even though they have rested!

Another important factor is the timing of our sleep.

The 3 gunas: sattva, rajas and tamas, are present in the entire creation, in everything. We too are a combination of these 3 gunas. Predominance of a guna is there in certain phases of our life, and even during the day.

Nature too has its phases - early morning is when sattva guna is predominant and hence considered most auspicious. Ancient science has known this and hence divided the 24 hours of a day into 8 prahars of 3 hrs each according to the prevalence of the guna:

12 to 3 am – Tamas

3 to 6 am – Sattva

6 o 9 am – Sattva

9 to 12 – Rajas

12 to 3 – Rajas

3 to 6 – Rajas

6 to 9 – Sattva

9 to 12 – Tamas

Our metabolism is according to the movements of the sun. The sun is the source of our energy. When it “rises” the environment around us in the mornings is very pure, and sattva gunna is predominant. At night, the sun has “set” and the environment is more tamasic, dull, we are also very tired at the end of the day.

When we break this rule, and stay awake late into the night and wake up late in the mornings, the body gets sick.

Our sadhana is to be awake and do our duty in Sattva gunna for maximum time.

Read a blog on – “Happy Working! Happier Sleeping(At Night!)  http://notesnmusings.blogspot.in/2013/12/happy-working-happier-sleepingat-night.html

How to?

1.    Align your body clock to the sun. Get up everyday by 6.30 am and sleep by 10.30 pm. 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day is adequate. If you find it difficult to do this instantly, do it gradually by waking up 20min earlier than usual for sometime and after that 20min earlier than that…..this way over a few weeks one can wake up early and yet be fresh.  This also means one has to sleep earlier. 

2.    If you have disturbed sleepmeditate or chant for 10 minutes just before going to sleep and upon waking up. This will quieten the mind.

Disadvantages of Sleeping late:

1.    Research has proved that many people who sleep late and wake up late have a syndrome called – DSPS.  Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome.  Their circadian rhythm is disturbed and they do not get sleep even if they try to sleep earlier. 

2.    This affects their health, metabolism, heart functioning, sugar levels, increases risk of cancer etc. 

3.    Watch the 25 harmful effects of sleep deprivation:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbJxLITdt_E


1.    Increases efficiency as the body is rested and mind is alert.

2.    Better health as a routine is in place and rest and work is balanced.

3.    Creativity is enhanced as the mind is alert

4.    Glowing skin. Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for dark circles under the eyes and skin looks dull.

5.    Calmer personality. When we are very tired we tend to get irritable and angry more often and quicker.

6.    Quick recovery & stronger immunity. The body is able to bounce back from any illness quicker

Beginners and Advanced:

1.    Follow as above