Chinmaya Geeta Paaraayan Yagna

On the auspicious ocassion of Maha Shivratri (21st February 2020) Chinmaya Mission Mumbai, launched the Chinmaya Geeta Paaraayan Yagna.
Paaraayan is a sadhana where in one recites/reads the scriptures and completes it, within a specific duration.

The sadhana successfully concluded on the first day of Navaratri (17th October 2020).

Through the length of this sadhana, every morning, a video with the chanting of 3-4 verses of the Geeta, in sequence, was posted, along with their meaning, on 18 Whatsapp groups and one Telegram group, with an approx. total of 7000 members from all over the world who further forwarded it to their family and friends.

If you wish to start a Paaraayan of all the 700 verses of the Geeta, you can download the chanting, chapter wise, and save it.

The Geeta Maahaatmyam (Glory of Geeta) found in Varaha Purana says in verse 6:
Sahaayo jaayate sheeghram
yatra geetaa pravartate.
Yatra geetaavichaarashcha
pathanam paathanam shrutam.

"Help comes quickly where the Geeta is recited and, O Earth, I ever dwell where it is read, heard, taught and contemplated upon!"
Lets chant the Geeta and live the Geeta-way-of-life.
Jai Sri Krishna! Jai Geeta ma! Jai Gurudev!

Testimonials and feedback from some members:

“Thank you very much for sharing The Shrimad Bhagwad Gita with us devotees. A wonderful initiative and service. I believe He says that those who share His Teaching provide the highest service of all. Deep gratitude,"
A striver and a devotee

“Just wanted to thank you for the superlative work you're doing. Such a joy to read the messages, every morning, especially in these special times.”
Daksha Mehta

“Hari Om.
Thank you for keeping our spirits high in these challenging times.”

“Hari om
I am Asha Joshi from Amdawad.
“I am so grateful and delighted to be a part of this Holy Gita Parayan.I am chanting daily and practising with this video clips daily you posted. I have forwarded to so many of my family members and friends”