Sadhana for Week 10

Speech Level: Listen & Sing Bhajans

Listen to Bhajans daily.  If you can, learn & sing a new bhajan every day.


Devotion in our heart, when it pervades and Hymns through our relationships in the world outside, it becomes true Bhajan.  



Not only should we get ourselves detached from the finite worlds of sense-objects and the ever-changing world of relationships, But we must also turn our mInd and fix it steadily upon the Higher Principle of Truth, God through uninterrupted Bhajan. 

Such tender and loving service of the Lord(Bhajan) through speech, body and mind must become constant, steady and strictly punctual.

If Bhakti is the emotional accompaniment, Bhajan represents the joy-dance of activities in the life of the diligent devotee.  



 Learning and singing bhajans is one of the simplest sadhanas to anchor the mind in devotion. 

1.    Everyday learn 1 bhajan.

2.    Listen to the audio/video atleast 5 times or till you get the tune properly. Then take down the lyrics correctly

3.    Preferably learn in the morning so that all through the day you can remember the song and it is easy to sing.

4.    Keep on practicing until you get familiar with the song.

5.    In the evening, refresh yourself, light the lamp at the altar

6.    Chant the shanti mantra – Om Sahanavavatu…. Guru brahma…. and the sing the bhajan you learnt.  Don’t worry about the tune/singing ability. What is important is the bhaav or the feeling of devotion with which one sings. 

7.    Offer some flowers after your singing.

8.    Sit quietly for some time.

9.    End it with Purnamadah…… Om Shantih Shantih Shantih.

10. A few seekers can get together and Group Singing can also be done.

11. You can learn in the following sequence which is our tradition of singing bhajans:
Ganesha, Saraswati, Guru, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, any other, Hanuman.
Each day 1 bhajan of a deity and so 7 days – 7 deities  - 7 Bhajans.  This is optional. You can even learn 7 Bhajans of just one deity/Guru.


For thousands of years, in all cultures, in all parts of the world, people have been singing. Singing is in our genes and in human nature. The urge to sing - and to hear others sing - is in all of us.

1.       Singing the name of the Lord purifies our speech, mind and the whole personality.

2.       Bhajans take us closer to the Lord by invoking devotion and bring about surrender.

3.       It is an ageless enjoyment – you are never too young or too old.

4.       Singing strengthens concentration and memory.

5.       When we sing, musical vibrations move through us, altering your physical and emotional landscape. 

6.       Singing gives joy to both the singer and the listener.

7.       Singing reduces anger, depression and anxiety.


                                                                                                                         UNTO HIM OUR BEST