Camp Report - Just Like That


The divine premises of Chinmaya Vibhooti witnessed another chyk camp, guiding the youngsters about the essence of the Bhagawad Gita through the camp “Just Like That”. Swami Swatmananda who was the camp acharya explained the essence of Karma, Bhakti and Jnana yoga during a 3 day youth camp organized from 20th to 22nd of May. Around 230 campers from Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra attended the camp. 
Swami Swatmananda explained the three yogas of Gita in a lucid way quoting everyday examples where they could be applied. The campers, not only, loved the way Swamiji explained the topic but they were also delighted to see Gurudev’s videos explain the basic concepts.  There was a change in the mindset of youngsters regarding God and Gita. Many confirmed atheists admitted to actually being confused atheists instead. They were happy to be in a place, where their questions were welcomed and answered rationally, rather than being suppressed or hushed upon.
Along with the daily sessions of Swamiji, the camp theme was conveyed to the youngsters throughout the camp through various experiential learnings. The campers got their first surprise twist in the ice breaking session, where campers were initially asked to form groups as per their talents and prepare a 'performance'. When the chance came to perform, they were asked to perform the very opposite thing viz. dancers were asked to write a poem and poets were asked to draw. Campers took up the challenge in good spirit and whisked up something quickly. It was a sheer joy to watch them playing the game.
Every event in the camp had a learning tucked away in the fun element. Dancercise had exercise spiced up with dance, Hanuman chalisa & Surya Namaskaar. None could resist making a move, going with that groove. Every skeptical mind was given a full and fair chance to decide the fate of God. Atheists debated with theists. Questions like “Is idol worship necessary?” Or “Can one be patriotic while being universal in his outlook at the same time?” made the campers present their arguments in a structured and logical manner without any hesitation. Every team found its own way of dealing with these questions and reached the conclusion rationally.
A Treasure hunt game titled “The Quest” was thoroughly enjoyed by the campers as the teams competed to complete their inner quest. The journey of meditation from the external environment to the body, from body to breath, from breath to mind and intellect and from there to the spirit was captured through various activities for each level. To see youngsters attempting to decode a verse of Ishavasyopanishad and bring out the answer as Consciousness was indeed inspiring to see.
The icing on the cake was the theatrical performance of ‘Just Like That’ play by Mumbai chyks. This light and sound performance showcased characters ranging from ritualistic housewife, a budding journalist, a retired army brigadier, a travel writer, a stand-up comedian and a quantum physicist; the journey of the characters as they deciphered the nuances of Karma, Bhakti and Gyaana Yoga was both entertaining and inspiring.
The Last day started with an early morning trek to a nearby hill top. The youngsters wholeheartedly took up the challenge of reaching the top. Once on top, the campers spent some time in chanting and meditation. To see more than a hundred youngsters meditating quietly on the hill top was indeed a sight to behold! The screening of the Movie “On a Quest” as well visit to Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan also filled the campers with great reverence about Pujya Gurudev. 
All the campers were moved and inspired by the Chyk way of life. Almost each one of them gave wonderful feedback and expressed their desire to continue their association with CHYK. They all returned from the camp in high spirits to grow through the Gita way.
-Compiled by Anupam Sharma and S.Aravind Raghavan

-Compiled by Anupam Sharma and S.Aravind Raghavan

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