• Chinmaya Pradeep

    We seek your generous contribution for this project to illumine the life, vision & teachings of Swami Chinmayananda and serve the people.Appropriate visibility can be worked out for the major contributors.
  • Pujya Gurudev's Bhagawad Geeta Talks on TV

    To sponsor one or more episodes and support the telecast on Shankara Tv and Bhakti Sagar Channel
  • iTransform Workshops

    Transforming Indians to Transform India Workshops on 7 levels of transformation along with FREE distribution of the TITI book to school and college students.Donations will also go towards the Chinmaya Transformation Scholarship for deserving students, empower a student through 7 FREE workshops on 7 levels of inner transformation (details on www.transformingindians.org) and towards farmer's relief in Maharashtra
  • General Donation For Chinmya Seva Trust

    The donation recieved under this category shall be used to meet the general and administrative expenses of Chinmaya Seva Trust.
  • Chinmaya Seva Trust Corpus Fund

    The donation given for this purpose shall be used for the developmental activities carried out by Chinmaya Seva Trust