Why Chinmaya Pradeep?
Vedanta is the subjective science that empowers our mind and helps us to face the challenges of life with clarity, purity & dexterity so that we achieve success and happiness.  It is the need of the hour in the struggles and strife of modern life.  Human mind needs a higher vision and a deeper purpose beyond material success & prosperity, so that one can go beyond one’s personality and the greater potential within us can manifest.  
Swami Chinmayananda dedicated his life to ignite millions of minds with this vision of vedanta.  42 years and more he served humanity across the world selflessly loving, caring and sharing knowledge with everyone.  This year we are celebrating the Birth Centenary year of Swami Chinmayananda(8 May 1916-2016).  Chinmaya Pradeep is the first of its kind permanent outdoor experiential multi-media and multi-medium park in India on the theme of Vedanta as a tribute to His Life & Vision.  
Why Chinmaya Pradeep? 
1. It is a journey of a skeptic(Balan) who transformed to become a seeker(Swami Chinmayananda) and who ultimately dedicated himself to Self-Knowledge and service of the society.  There is a skeptic in all of us who is waiting to get the right understanding. Chinmaya Pradeep has logical/time-tested points that can explain the logic of spirituality to us.  Its a mirror to ourselves.  
2. Building schools, orphanages, rural development, educating people in literacy, medical help etc. are various forms of Service.  Empowering someone’s life with right knowledge, vision & values is also a great service.  It is Jnana-Seva which is the highest form of service. It makes a person strong and independent. 
3. It is to feel deeply the decline of our glorious Vedic culture, understand its essence and see how can it be revived.  Swami Chinmayananda felt sad looking at the deterioration of our culture and decided to be a proactive contributor to revive the Culture.  Chinmaya Pradeep is to take us back to our roots and make us proud cultural citizens who can contribute in protecting and propagating our culture in our own simple ways to the next generation.  
4. There is a great curiosity today to learn the Bhagavad Geeta, Upanishads, Vedanta etc.  Chinmaya Pradeep has the essence of all the three through the Sthitaprajna Portion of the Geeta, 4 Mahavakyas of the Upanishads and BMI Chart - essence of Vedanta. Chinmaya Pradeep gives the essence of Vedanta & Hindu culture to everyone.  Including skeptics & atheists etc.  
5. Anyone coming here can listen, reflect, meditate and be by themselves in solitude.  Its a wonderful setting amidst nature.  
6. What is Hinduism? Is it merely the external show? what are our roots? what is the scientific, social, knowledge and ritualistic aspect of Hindu culture? why do we do certain things like fasting, pradakshina, aarti, havan etc.  Through Chinmaya Pradeep one can understand the WHY of Hindu Culture & its essence. 
7. The values of compassion, selfless service, uncompromising commitment, detached engagement, devotion, integrity etc. are communicated through the anecdotes of Swami Chinmayananda’s life and his words. Chinmaya Pradeep give us the strength to hold on to the values in our lives, in spite of all the challenges that come our way.  
8. If individuals become stronger and empowered, the society, state, country and the world will be a better place to live in.  Chinmaya Pradeep is to empower the individual.  
9. Chinmaya Pradeep connects me to a Spiritual Master who wanted everyone to be independent and who genuinely served the society.  It reposes my faith in spirituality and spiritual masters.  
Why at such a big scale?
1. The park is outdoors and we have to use materials and mediums that are weather proof. 
2. Just text panels carved on stone/steel/wood/metal etc. would not serve the purpose.  We are living in the age where technology’s use is inevitable to connect to the younger generation. To use technology in outdoors is expensive.  When we admire something grand, it stays with us and can impact us deeply.  
3. The themes we are covering are deep and the journey can really be life transforming to anyone. 
4. Everything today is very expensive. Chinmaya Pradeep cost is a most conservative cost estimate, considering that the park is outdoors and we are a charitable trust.  
5. Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Powai is the worldwide headquarters of Chinmaya Mission. We must have something inspiring here about Swamiji and His vision so that everyone coming here will know and connect with Him. 
6. Swami Chinmayananda gave His Best to Us.  We want to offer UNTO HIM OUR BEST.  The best way to express gratitude is to share the vision and the teachings of the Master with maximum people in a way they can relate to.
If you feel inspired by the above, then please do support us
In making Chinmaya Pradeep Happen