Annadaan Seva on May 16, 2021 at the Shree Gadge Maharaj Mission Dharamsala Trust,Dadar

Hari Om,

On Sunday, 16th May,Mahima Zone offered fruits at the Shree Gadge Maharaj Mission Dharamsala  Trust,Dadar.

This seva was conducted under the Maximum Happiness 2021 - 2022 campaign.

On Sunday 16th May, fruits were offered to 450 cancer afflicted children and their relatives staying at the Dharamsala.

The Seva was offered by Smt Dimple Parekh,her husband Shri Hemant Parekh and sister in law Smt Nisha Parekh.A family friend,Shri Nilesh helped them in offering the Seva.

The fruits offered under the Chinmaya Mission banner were donated by Shri Ajit Tadpatriwala.

The perishables had to be given away at the earliest.Everything fell in place at such a short notice that it was possible only with Pujya Gurudev's  grace and blessings.

Unto Him our Best.

Hanuman Temple