Approach to the Wisdom of Saints

Chinmaya Mission Mahima Zone organized a satsang with Swami Bodhatmanandaji at the residence of Shri Bharat Shah (President, Chinmaya Mission Mumbai). Swamiji began his talk stating that the purpose of Vedanta is to make me question who I really am. To gain this knowledge, I must study the scriptures daily. Regular shravanam (listen attentively), mananam (reflect continually) and nididhyaasan (contemplate/ meditate deeply) are important sadhanas for the seeker.

Through a process of negation, Swamiji showed how we are not the three bodies, mind or intellect. This is called atma-anaatma-viveka-vichaara. The distinction between the ‘seer’ (drg) and the ‘seen’ (drshya) was highlighted, as Swamiji reiterated that detaching from the world of objects, one must identify as Sakshi. He spoke in detail on the five qualities one must develop, as preparation to Shravanam.
1. Amaanitvam (humility and unpretentiousness)
2. Aarjavam (straightforwardness)
3. Sthairyam (steadfast in reaching the goal)
4. Janma mrtyu jara vyaadhi dukkha doshaanu darshanam - Bhagawad Geeta Chap.13
5. Abhayam - Bhagawad Geeta Chapter 15 (developing detachment to become fearless)

Mananam is when this knowledge becomes my conviction. Nidhidhyasan is owning up to the Truth; that I am indeed Sakshi, I am Brahman.

As the talk drew to a conclusion, the audience of about forty people wished the session had been longer. The hostess, Smt. Anju Shah, who is well known for her hospitality, served bhiksha (dinner) to Swamiji, as well as those who attended the talk.