Matru Puja

Jagadeeshwara Zone celebrated Matru Puja on Sunday, 14th October, 9.30 to 11 am. There were fifty participants in this auspicious celebration, including grand-parents, parents and siblings. Raoji, Zonal Acharya, gave the Inaugural talk before the puja. Matru puja, as the name suggests, indicates worshipping the mother. Aravind Raghavan was Mukhya Yajmaan, who performed puja to Ma Saraswati, while children performed the same for their mothers, grandmothers, under the guidance of temple priest, Shri Sivaramakrishnan. This was followed by a small cultural presentation by children, based on Devis. Prasad was distributed to all. At the end, everyone returned home with a feeling of deep fulfilment.